COVID-19 and Digital Health Solutions

COVID-19 and Digital Health Solutions

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred in massive technological advancement era in the medical industry. Digital tools can effectively support health care centres during this pandemic by providing immediate information to the healthcare professionals where needed, tracking transmission in real-time, creating virtual venues for meetings or day-to-day operations, and providing telemedicine visits for patients.

Governments worldwide are responding to this public health emergency with surveillance tools designed to identify and track people who may be infectious. These measures are really becoming beneficial for people so they cannot get infected by this deadly virus.

The COVID-19 pandemic is providing a starting point to discuss how digital health solutions can and should be used. People all around the world are more shifted towards digital technologies in order to protect themselves. Medical centres are installing infrared thermal temperature camera to their doors so they can keep track of the patient’s temperature and protect other people to get infected. Fever is the main symptom of corona-virus.

Health care centres are using strategies which follows Remote Patient Monitoring Systems and telemedicine which allows patients to receive medical care at home. Telemedicine not only supports secured care for COVID-19 patients but also allows routine primary care and electronic prescriptions. In this way, health care professionals provide complete medical care to the COVID-19 patient without getting affected by this virus.

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