Managed Firewall

Is your Network Protected?

A firewall sits between the Network and Internet and manages the incoming and outgoing traffic. Having a firewall protecting your network is similar to hiring a security guard who controls the traffic coming in and going out of a building.

  • Do I need a Firewall?
  • Do you need internet for your business?

If you need internet then you will require a firewall as well. New forms of threats keep increasing at a faster rate, it has been seen in the news very often how well-known business suffers from such attacks.

It is a best practice for all business to install a firewall, especially if they have employees connecting to the office network from a remote location or if they are running in-house services in their network.

Managed Firewall

Installing a firewall is not enough as it is recommended to monitor the firewall and its logs to identify and spot any potential threats.

Medical IT Services Managed Firewall, we can take your worries of network security and can take control over your existing appliance or provide one of our own industry best threat management firewalls.

Services we offer :

  1. 24/7 unlimited Support and maintenance
  2. Maintain firewall policies
  3. Vendor updates
  4. Monitor logs for potential threats
  5. Backup Firewall settings
  6. Allow only limited traffic

1x Managed Firewall $120 Per Month


Our Support agreement can be custom designed based on the client’s requirement. Our package prices are comparatively cheaper.