IT solutions in Medical Centres during COVID-19


Technology is playing a vital role in the health of all Australians in COVID-19. From managing health information digitally, to managing healthcare centre, manage IT solutions provide a big relief to healthcare centre.

In the time of global pandemic, IT solutions are helping doctors and patients in regional, rural and remote areas by providing them easy access to their health records and easy connectivity between doctors and patients. Wireless and broadband internet connection makes easier for doctors to have video appointments with patients who can’t travel to hospitals for appointment with specialists.

Advancement of technology in medical industry is helping Australia to grow healthy and safe. Most of the healthcare centres have shifted their records on My Health Records which is providing great benefits to patients as well as to doctors.

As at April 2020

  • there are more that 22.75 million My Health Records
  • around 91% of pharmacies, 92% of general practitioners and 94% of hospital beds are now registered on the My Health Record System
  • My Health Record contains over 65 million clinical documents, over 128 million medicine documents and over 304,000 documents provided by record-holders themselves

With the COVID-19 outbreak,doctors first priority is to provide excellent and secure healthcare services to their patients which means they need to make everything touch free in order to protect everyone from virus. Cloud computing playing a vital role in this situation, it is secure, fast and cost effective.

Cloud computing is providing unique set of benefits that are beneficial for the healthcare industry such as:

  • Management of servers
  • Cost effective
  • Fast speed
  • Security and protection
  • Scalability
  • Ability to update
  • Allowing easier collaborations

Medical IT. Services also provide IT Solutions to your Medical centre, our team is experienced and talented enough to understand your needs. We are standing beside you in this difficult time. Our solutions are highly efficient and affordable. Contact us for further information.

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