Importance and Purpose of Security Audit in Medical Centre

security audit

What is a security Audit?

A Security Audit in Medical Centre is the evaluation of information system by measuring how it’s security measures is fulfilling the established criteria of security . It is the complete description of overall test and assessment of security posture which an organization can apply, including cyber security.

Main Purpose of a Security Audit

A Security Audit in Medical Centre is a complete technical test and assessment of IT infrastructure, operating systems, and applications. There are different types of audits:

Manual Audits: In this type of audit, the auditor will conduct an interview and ask employees, conduct security and vulnerability scans, evaluate physical access to systems, and analyse your application and operating system access controls, then the auditor make a descriptive audit report on the basis of manual assessment.

Automated Audits: An automated audit is based on computer assignment. This type of audits are run by software and produce comprehensive, customizable audit reports. Advanced auditing software will even provide you a level of continuous assessment, it will notifyIT technicians any suspicious activity side by side. An automated audit is also known as CAAT.

Security audit should conduct more often

Cyber attacks and cyber threats are increasing day by day. System technician needs to know if the safety of their IT infrastructure is in danger or not. Security auditing and cybersecurity works side by side.  Conducting audit reports helps you identify loopholes early and put proper patching in place.  This will provide you more stronger security level in your medical centre. Security audits should conduct annually in order to secure your medical centre.

We provide security audits

Medical IT. Services provides security audits to your medical centres, we keep your organisation secure and free from data breaches, cyber attacks and cyber threat. We provide automated auditing to your organisation. Our team will provide you complete security and make you tension free.

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