Doctors spending more time on fixing computers

Doctors spending more time on fixing computers

Consultants spend a lot of their time on computers because of the electronic health record. That’s because of new policies of government and insurance companies towards healthcare centres, doctors need to be more organized with documents on their computers which is consuming much time of healthcare providers in daily routine. 

Recent studies showed the estimated time a physician spends on his computer, rather than in direct contact with their patients. In one study, researchers directly observed physicians in clinics, asking these doctors to document the time they spend on the electronic health record after hours. The research gave results on the bases of four different doctors speciality 

  • family medicine 
  • internal medicine 
  • cardiology 
  • orthopaedics.  

The study found, on average, that doctors spend half their working time on the electronic health record. 

In another study, researchers gathered data on how much time 500 primary care physicians spent logged into their electronic health records, but not interacting with patients. They used different methodologies, which gave similar results Hence, physicians spending less than half of their work hours in direct patient care. 

Patients most certainly think they are neglected if the doctor is paying less attention to him. Even though the doctor is also maintaining the patient’s health record for better health care provision. But It is most likely that the quality of interactions may be sacrificed.  

Health care centres and health care providers need automated IT systems which will make their work a lot easier. In this way, a lot of their time will be saved and data storage and other IT related chores will be done smoothly without any mistakes many service providers are providing medical IT services. 

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Article courtesy Forbes 

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