Remote Support

Are you travelling for work and your system crashed?
Not in office and still need your computer to be fixed?

Simply Easier

When your computer, or hardware, driving you crazy. Instead of calling a technician on-site and waiting even longer to get your system back to normal, you can use our remote IT support to have the problem fixed in a fraction of the time. We can remotely connect to your systems using industry best support tools and management applications, making it easier to fix your issues with comfort and promptness.

No contract required. Min 15 mins support required.

Below is what we cover under our Support Services

  • Network Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Viruses Removal
  • System Build & Upgrades
  • Hardware & Software Installation, Troubleshooting & Upgrades
  • Internet Troubleshooting & Setup
  • Application Setup & Support
  • Data Recovery

The experience and support you receive from Medical IT Services will absolutely be invincible.

Contact us today to see how our professional services can benefit you!